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Top Spot Optimisation are an SEO Company based in St Albans Hertfordshire and are one of the leading Optimisation Companies in the UK that have years of industry experience and deliver the best results for organic listings for any industry using ethical strategies. We will ensure that your search engine rankings will climb online. We have a portfolio of very happy customers and our results speak for themselves. We use the most ethical white hat techniques to achieve the best results and have never failed in the targets set by our clients. We are a company that offers affordable SEO services during a financially difficult time. There is no need to spend a fortune when using Top Spot Optimisation. We never tie our clients into contracts and time and again have achieved the results that were required of us. We can help you achieve first page Organic SEO search engine listings with our professional and ethical white hat strategies. It is so important to use an SEO Expert to optimise your website. There are many Optimisation companies offering their services these days and it is important to find the right one for you. When you are looking for an SEO Firm it is important to see that company's or individuals track record and the results they have produced for other businesses. Top Spot have a phenomenal list of SEO results that will ensure that you are totally confident when using us as your SEO professional for your website optimisation. 

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

SEOSearch Engine Optimisation is without doubt the most important factor in the evolution of any website. Many people believe that it is so difficult to achieve high rankings in search engines, that the only solution is to use Pay Per Click Advertising, such as Google Adwords. Achieving top rankings on the three major search engines Google, Yahoo! and MSN is actually much easier than many people realise and we are confident that we can help anybody reach their targets. Many people searching will only click into listings that are organic (not pay per click adverts) as they realise that the merits of the websites advertising are far less than those that have achieved high organic rankings. So once a website has high natural listings the volume of traffic increases significantly. It is only through website optimisation that your business will achieve those organic search engine rankings.

Website SEO Marketing

A major part of Search Engine Optimization is the marketing of a website. Top Spot Optimisation use the most ethical SEO techniques to ensure that your website is promoted across the internet. The more that your website features, the more important it will be seen to be by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Although website marketing is an important part of the SEO optimisation process it is just one of the many factors that are taken into consideration by Top Spot when website optimising.

Website Design

Aswell as Search Engine Optimisation, we also provide an affordable website design service. We can provide a complete package from the ground up, to ensure that your website is built and optimised to the highest standard. We will also rebuild websites if you are unhappy with an existing site. We can design and build your website without the optimisation service, if it is simply just the designing of a website that you require. We have many packages available for our current clients and any potential future clients. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us to discuss any of your website requirements.

Customer Satisfaction

Top Spot Optimisation are SEO Consultants that take great care in ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with the services they are offered. We will work closely with them throughout the optimisation process to ensure that they fully understand the process of website SEO optimisation.

We like to keep in touch with our valued customers throughout the SEO campaign and all clients are kept up to date with the progress the website is making. We provide detailed ranking reports for our clients, outlining the positions of the chosen keywords on the three major search engines, Google, MSN and Yahoo.

Affordable SEO Campaigns

We fully understand that we are currently in a financially demanding time and companies do not have the budgets that used to be at their disposal for web marketing campaigns. That is one of the reasons to choose Top Spot Optimisation. Our Optimization campaigns are professional, effective, ethical and most importantly affordable. We will analyse each case individually and provide an Affordable Optimisation quote based on an individuals requirements. Affordable SEO Services are not readily available these days, but we will ensure that we put together a bespoke program to suit every client. We are currently offering various packages and you will be pleasantly surprised at the Cheap SEO Services the we have available. 

Organic Search Engine Listings

There is only one target in mind when starting a website SEO campaign and that is to achieve Organic Search Engine Listings. The power of the internet can never be underestimated and if your business can obtain a serious web presence through website optimisation then it cannot fail to grow. Any business that has natural search engine rankings for major industry keywords or phrases will see its reputation grow overnight. We have helped all of our clients achieve powerful organic listings that have seen their businesses expand as website traffic has increased significantly through website optimising. There is absolutely no comparison between Pay Per Click Listings and Organic Listings. The majority of people searching the internet will always make a preference for those websites listed naturally. In fact there have been many surveys carried out that prove the majority of searchers do not even look in the right hand column of the search engines listings. This is where the majority of Pay Per Click advertisers listings are found. There is only one place to be and that is Organically Listed! Organic SEO is the most important part of any websites evolution and there is absolutely no doubt that search engine optimisation of a website is crucial to its success.

Latest SEO Optimisation News

You may have recently watched BBC's The Apprentice series and witnessed Mark Wright gain Lord Sugar's investment for his website optimisation business idea. We can tell you here at Top Spot that the Climb Online optimisation business model is nothing new. At Top Spot Optimisation you will receive dedicated support on a personal basis and that is how we have always done business and always will. Each account is bespoke and individual to you and you will have total support from us at all times. 


Top Spot Optimisation Updates

GoldGenieThere has been plenty going on at Top Spot in the last 12 months, with lots and lots of success stories. Time and time again we have achieved results for clients that have businesses within very competitive markets. We have undertaken full online marketing campaigns for clients to include social media aswell as our traditional link building campaigns. Our most high profile client to date is Laban Roomes of GoldGenie who are the leading retailer of the gold iPhone. You may remember him from his appearance on Dragons Den where he managed to secure investment from James Caan. We have already achieved great things for GoldGenie and will continue to do so as we really push the online marketing.

We have several recent additions to our portfolio as our client base grows by the week. We have added Checkalow who are an established Tile Shop In North London and are looking to improve their search engine presence locally. Also a big welcome to SAS who are a St Albans building company,  Clear A Waste who are a waste management company and also Concept Solutions who are an insurance claims company. We are also delighted to welcome Utopia Leisure onto our client list. They are an event planning company and are looking to improve their web presence.

Some of our long standing customers are Tindall Security who sell burglar alarm systems and intruder alarms including CCTV and Door Entry Access Systems. Our latest client is School Stage who are a stage lighting company who specialise in schools but also offer these systems in all kinds of venues. Also newly added to our customer list are two locall companies. Alban Homes who are a St Albans Estate Agent looking to improve their web presence and also Alban Landscape who are landscape architects.

It has been a busy year for Top Spot and some of our new clients are Animal Hotel Fairbrother Farm and we also welcome digital pr agency Publicasity. Also new to our ever growing portfolio are Harpenden Photography Studios and Elevation Scaffolding.

Please keep an eye on things at Top Spot as we try to keep you updated on our progress and our clients. Feel free to take a look at our Current SEO Projects page that will detail our clients and the google positions we have achieved for them to date.

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