Top Spot Optimisation offer Social Media Management Services for our clients and can do as much or as little as you may require of us. If you want more than just to be found on the search engines, then we can help you. There are so many Social Media platforms now, but we tend to stick to the mainstream such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ and any others that can be of importance to your business and can provide Social Media Management services to suit your business.

We have flexible Social Media packages available to our clients. Please get in touch to let us know what you require us to do for you. We have some very affordable packages to suit all clients.

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of brands now have at least one social media channel

of UK adults now have a social media profile

of adults with a profile visit it once a day at least

What is it used for?

Customer service/increase trust

• More than 80% of customer service queries on social media now go through twitter with consumers looking for ever faster responses to their issues

• Facebook now has a service that shows customers how quickly brands respond to customer service issues, giving brands the opportunity to prove their customer service credentials and instill confidence in their audience

• Real time communication makes customers feel valued, creating brand ambassadors who drive positive brand sentiment, which can positively influence sales

Build the brand

Social media is your own personal space to create a brand identity, communicate with your audience and really drive home the brand’s messages. It’s a chance to build brand awareness and establish a human voice and persona to help your brand stand out from your competitors

Reputation Management

Social media is one of the fastest and most effective ways of managing your brand’s reputation. Instant feedback with consumers/retailers/journalists can diffuse negativity and clever management of the situation can even turn it into a positive in a very public way.

What is it used for?

Customer Insight

• Customers tend to be quite vocal and honest on social media, which can be an asset to your brand
• Having a way of connecting instantly and directly to your audience can be a real asset
• Twitter now has a poll option, allowing you to ask a question and gain feedback immediately
• Customer insights can drive the development of social media campaigns, influence your website
content and make product offering more attractive and relevant to your customers

Promote Content

Promoting your own content is vital for any brand, so being able to get the word out there of a new product, new article new blog post etc. is essential.
Social media and high quality content creation allows you to build your authority as the experts in your field, and is a great way of attracting new customers.

Drive Website Traffic

Being active on social media will inevitably increase the amount of traffic to your website, by getting your name in people’s minds. Social media is becoming more and more important in terms of search. The more you are mentioned and the more visible you are on social media, the more likely you are to be found in Google search results for your keywords.

The Challenges

• Which channel to use?
• How to support sales?
• How to use social across the different markets effectively?
• How to link them together to build cohesive campaigns?
• How to develop effective web content

How We Work

We would create a proactive social planner of paid for and non paid for activity that highlighted the key topics of conversation and campaigns to be executed in line withmarketing communications campaigns and PR tactics. Each channel would have its content planned out on a weekly basis. Managed in house by Top Spot’s social media team.

Our Services

• Facebook content generation
• Facebook fan acquisition
• Facebook advertising
• Customer insight reporting
• Twitter content generation
• Twitter advertising
• Instagram content generation
• LinkedIn account management
• Bloggers outreach
• Website and blog content generation

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