SEO Reports

One of the most important parts of SEO is being able to monitor how a website is performing. Not only does this help us to see that what we are doing is working, but it also highlights areas that may need improving upon. The SEO reports that we provide are absolutely invaluable. Every month our clients receive a monthly ranking report which highlights how the website’s chosen keywords are performing in the search engines. Also we will provide a report that uses the clients Google Analytics account so we can monitor the traffic going through the site.

We can also generate other reports. Our website audit is a report that we usually generate at the beginning of a campaign for new clients, but these can be created at any time, should our clients wish to get a deeper insight into their website. We can also create competitor analysis reports that can be extremely helpful. You will see below in more detail the reports that we can provide for our customers.

Ranking Reports

We will send you a monthly ranking report that will highlight how your chosen keywords are performing in the search engines. We predominantly concentrate on Google but we can also add other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo to your reports

Ranking ReportRanking Report 2

Website Audit Reports

We can also provide an audit for your website. The audit highlights any issues that there may be with the site. We will always generate one of these reports for new customers so we know what will be required to ensure the website is “google friendly”. Many things we will be able to address, but there may be issues that your website developer will need to address.

Website Audit Report

Competitor Analysis Reports

We can also compare certain details of your competitors to give us an insight into different aspects of your business and your competiors websites and how they perform. This can be a very useful tool.

Competitor Analysis ReportCompetitir Analysis Report 2

Google Analytics Reports

We can also incorporate your data gathered from your Google Analytics account. All you will need to do is authorise us to be able to read and analyse the data and we can include it within our reports for you. Again this is a fantastic tool to have to help analyse your traffic.

Google Analytics Reporting