Web Design

Top Spot Optimisation are not only experts in SEO. Based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, we also offer website design services. You don’t have to have your website optimised by us. You can contact us even if you just want your website designed. If you want a website that benefits from professional web design, there are basically three ways for your business to go about it.

Option 1

You can buy a template site or subscribe to a template based site provider for a quick and easy site that will take away the hassle of having your own unique site.

Option 2

You could try to learn enough yourself to modify an existing online template website to suit your own needs. This gives you a web solution tailored more to your own needs and preferences but is still template based.

Option 3

You could commission a unique and bespoke website from a customer focused, web design company who will design your website to fulfil all your business requirements and personal wishes through helpful and detailed discussion. They will build that site around you and will only include the features you want leaving out things you do not want.

All three of the options above have their merits. The time and the budget you have available, along with the image your business wants to portray will all determine which route your business takes. That choice, of course, is yours but sometimes the third option isn’t always the most expensive and it is usually the best. Things evolve over time and your website will do the same.

If budget is a concern, start small and grow your investment over the coming months and years. We pride ourselves on having helped many small businesses get going without overwhelming expense.

Website Hosting

We can also host your website for you. So we can design and build your bespoke website and organise all the hosting for you, all under one roof.

We have a server for your website to be hosted on, which takes away any complications for you and also for us during the build process.

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